No more simple Photo Frame but Multi-function Social Media Photo Frame

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Hi, Folks!

Today is the final day to add post for our course, Distributed and Mobile Learning. It’s hard to believe that time has passed already 3 months since we started learning. Even the course will be wrapped up soon, I will keep maintaining my blog as long as I am interested in new mobile technology. After all, let’s move on to Jin’s new blog post for today.

Here I would like to show Mojito WiFi display.

You might have experienced to see or handle any digital photo frame. Through my experience, the digital photo frame simply display a couple of pictures on it with no more features. However this Mojito has exclusive features. 7-inch WVGA display with integrated WiFi b/g and a remote control, that can pull in various social networking feeds – such as Twitter, RSS and Facebook – together with photos, weather and more.

Can you believe in this? I can dare say this product broke the rule of typical digital photo frame. Do you want to verify the above features? Check this out!

This Mojito came up with totally different concept from smart phone, cell phone, Laptop, and other PCs. It comes with a remote controllor which will users to control this very easily. Imagine when you are going to work or changing  your cloth in the morning, you can save your time to boot your pc or search your smart phone for seeing weather, Facebook, Twitter and so on.



Mojito was caught up by Bluelounge which has several well-designed products on their homepage. If you want to discover a unique product, surf what they have.

Okay, it looks Jin’s final blog post for Distributed and Mobile Learning.  I am sure everybody made his/her own blog with filling great resources and contents. I wish everybody has obtained some inspiration while updating blog because I have already got a lot more than I expected.

<Special Thanks to..>

I really appreciate our professor Valerie and TA kathy giving me advices to enhance my ideas for blog and major project. This course was great and helpful to wrap up my university life. Based on this experience, I would like to expand my digital life and future career.

Thank you for reading my post! Good luck with your study and life! Cheers!



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Now we can apply multimedia to iTable!

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Hi, there!

Since I took a break for blog posting last week, I feel I haven’t touch my blog for a long time. But! I am very happy to restart posting new information on my space.

Today I would like to introduce ‘iTable‘. iTable is a totally different concept of generic table that we have in our living room. It comes with a full-touch screen feature. Here is the appearance of iTable.

The iTable is from PQ Labs and is a coffee table that has a 42-inch multitouch display in the surface. Inside the table is a computer to run the big screen, but the exact PC specs are not offered. The table is only 1.5-inches thick and can run all sorts of multitouch applications and programs.

Have you imagine that we could have this kind of table in our life? This home appliance could change out entire life style. Let me say that this would be an expansion of apple’s new product ‘iPad’. It is movable and flexible. When parents watch TV in the living room, their children might be able to play around with iTable.

Here is the youTube video clip regarding iTable demonstration.

The screen can accept up to 32 fingers on it at once! Input is also accepted via other devices like a stylus, gloved hand, pen, bottle, cup, or other items. I would like to say that not only small device curresponds to the mobile technology but also this kind of home appliance could be able to perform a new mobile technology.

Class Feedback :

Finally, I finished creating my online presentation through our course web-site! Multimedia presentation contents were very helpful to make a colorful presentation. Although I spent a lot of preparation time to record my voice in it, it was worth to do! Thank you so much!

Let’s carry a portable keyboard! – Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

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Hi, Folks!

Today, I would like to introduce a new generation of the wireless keyboard  Rii Mini. In recent years, many people start carrying Home Theater PC(HTPC) for business usage. It could come with only touch pen or inflexible keyboards bundle. In order to solve its battery length and wireless distant, Rii Mini keyboard suggests great resolutions.

Rii mini launched by Brando is being popular for PS3 users as well due to its compatibility. The following spec show its supported devices and operating system.


6″ length X 2-1/2 wide X 1/2″ height
• Wireless(RF 2.4G) connection, smart & portable size
• To enjoy PC Multi-media Entertainment at home
• Convenient & efficient for Conference, Presentation & lecturing
• To share large TV and projector screen
• Large PAD for handwrite
• Built-in lecture laser pointer
• PS3 supported


Computer System Requirements:
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows CE
Windows 7
Linux(Debian-3.1,Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu-8.10 Fedora-7.0 tested)


Well, that looks good enought to bring this fancy wireless keyboard for business users.

The Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is a very small QWERTY keyboard that features backlights allowing it to be used in darkened conditions. The keyboard is wireless and works on a 2.4GHz radio frequency that connects up to a provided USB receiver. The range of the keyboard is 30 meters.The mini keyboard also has a mini touchpad allowing you to take control of the mouse pointer. The pad works both vertically and horizontally.The QWERTY keyboard isn’t full, but it has 69 keys in total providing plenty of function keys and other various keys you might need.The battery is built-in and can keep the keyboard powered for about 1 months usage.Other features include a laser pointer so you can use the Rii for skipping through slides and pointing on slides when needed.

The above description explain overall features of Rii Mini Wireless.

Now take a look at its real usage.

What I am still curious about is its price..saying $92. I heard some people can purchase this keyboard with $50 to $60 via online, but I always recommend that if you are interested in buying a IT product, please do research and compare with other E-shop stores.You might be able to find out a great price with rebate! (This is what I always try to do).

How do you think about this keyboard? A new technology keeps coming out so if you know more, this could be your new knowledge and weapon to express yourself better! I hope this post aid your interest.

Thanks for reading my post,


Regarding Class Feedback and Jin’s research Read more…

Now! Your Flash Storage ‘USB’ should be safe! – PADLOCK2

March 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi, everyone.

We finally saw the finale of 2010 Vancouver Olympic. It was a terrific sport event for all over the world. During the olypmpic period, I was still researching a new mobile technology stuff due to my passionate interest.

I could finally find out an outstanding mobile storage device which may be very useful for University students!

Here you call it – PadLock2

Are you curious about why I am interested in USB disk drive? Well.. this is definitely amazing and expecting product for people who always worry about the secureness of their own USB disk including me( 🙂 ). I still remember that I often forgot to bring my USB disk device from the computer lab in Uvic which made me so stressful because someone could see my private data, steal some files, or delete the whole disk. But now we can see this would enormously reduce those worriness.

As you can see the above device, you can click on digit and create your own secret number to lock this device. From at least 4 digits to 9 digits, it enable you to make a number of combinations for its safety and security.

If you are interested in its spec, check this out!


  • Secure: Hardware 256-bit encryption secures your data
  • Protection: Your own 4-10 digit PIN protects and locks access to the Flash Padlock 2
  • Capacity: Large 8GB storage gives you ample room to store all your sensitive documents, or up to 2,480 images, or up to 2,000 songs
  • Compatible: No software to install — Works on Windows, Mac or Linux based computers — Plug & Play compatible with virtually any USB port
  • Hacking Detection: Multiple failed entries locks device for 2 minutes to prevent repeated attempts to access data
  • Drive Recovery: If you lose your PIN, you can reset the Flash Padlock to its factory default state, securely erasing all data from the drive
  • Confidence: Protected by a limited 10 year warranted and backed by Corsair’s renowned customer service and support


Now you might want to confirm its usage and real look. Please refer to the following YouTube video.

Do you like it? It’s good to know there is this kind of secured USB flash drive selling these days. Please make sure that you keep your own data away from hackers and theives so that you can be relaxed even you forget to carry it.

Here is the referece web-site regarding Padlock2 – <;

Thank you for reading my post!


P.s I recently put reference with correct information due to copyright issue. Thank you for the class contents!

Google Nexus One came to challenge iPhone

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi Guys!

I hope you guys enjoy creating your own blog because I really do enjoying.

Today, I would like to introduce Goolgle’s representative mobile machine so called Android phone – Nexus One

<Nexus One vs iPhone>

One of the main U.S Newspaper, San Francisco Chronicle on Jan 6th, 2010 mentioned that

an extreme competition between Apple(iPhone) and Google(Nexus one) becomes harder and harder

which results these products. This makes the world smart-phone customers very happy

and it would lead a superficial technology in the future.

Since my first post, I posted new technology related to iPhone everytime

so I decided to post a new one which is a rival smartphone Nexus One.

<Nexus One>

As you can see the above, it looks very simple and cool(in my opinion)

In fact, it is not only appearance but also the functionality is superb!

Now Let me show you the comparison between Nexus one and iPhone 3Gs in terms of their specs.

From <>

LCD screen size, Camera Mega-pixel, Storage, CPU(Processor) and so on..

The overall specs of Nexus one are obviously better than the newest iPhone model.

Note :  If you are not familiar with Hardware spec, I truly apologize it..but I would say

that machine itself(Nexus one) is quite decent.

The most important feature regarding Nexus one is that bigger screen, High display resolution, and thin platform.

In addition, Nexus One is defined by Android Operating system(OS). What the definition of Andriod OS is that

the OS itself is open-resource which could have flexible development tools in it and many developers could join to

generate new applications. It means that it may get rid of the restriction of developing standard like Linux system.

Now it’s time to see video clip for Nexus One.

Google developers announced how Nexus one was created from design to Smartphone.

Isn’t that great?

If you want to watch the whole series of Nexus One creation, please refer to the following URL


You can see rest of video clips from the right side of browser.

Did you enjoy it?

I look forward to seeing their competition(Apple and Google) 🙂

I’ll keep it posted when they have newer mobile technologies.

Thank you.


Watch TV anywhere you want! – SlingPlayer for mobile

February 6, 2010 2 comments

Hi from Jin’s blog!

It has been a week already so it is time to post something related to Mobile technology on my blog.

This time, I found out a new mobile technology which is ‘SlingPlayer for Mobile‘.

Sling Player enable people to watch TV through their own smart phones such as iPhone/iPod, BlackBerrys, and etc.

This mobile technology is announced by Sling Media : (Please refer to this URL,

This is originally developed for computer users who want to watch TV programs with using their PC or MAC.

Based on the slingBox Hardware accessory, wifi-signal will be delivered to multi-media devices such as PC or Mac (desktop or laptop) or mobile phone—from anywhere, at anytime.

This is the SlingBox accessory.(Honestly, it is kinda expensive so…we can wait for a discount season 🙂  )

Good thing is that this application and hardware support any locations even if you are placed on the opposite side of the earth. Because you will anyway find out a wifi-connection to access the Internet for your computer device.

If you are iphone/ipod user then, you can install the SlingPlayer to watch your favorite TV program.

Please refer to the following youTube Video clip to know its new information.

SlingPlayer is used to be only applicable with wifi-connection, but AT&T announced that 3G mobile phone would be able to approach this service in the future. DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) service is already developed in Korea which enable mobile devices to get TV signal but this is not widely used in North America yet, so SlingPlayer may be a good substitutiable mobile technology.

One day, I will definitely try this!(In case, the price drops down)

Thanks for reading !


Feedback for the class:

We all could learn how to deal with sound and image sources.

Blog information is usually created by given or popular issue on several media institution.

It means bloggers need to clarify how they got those sources in order to keep a copyright issue.

This will remind me whenever I am going to post new mobile information on my blog.

Apple iPad has been released!

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Welcome back to Jin’s blog!

Last time, I introduced a free ‘Skype’ call with using iPhone. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Well, I actually focus on mobile technology which truly relates to our course curriculum Distributed & Mobile Learning. So this time, I would like to show a new mobile PC so-called Tablet PC ‘ iPad‘.


iPad is one of the representative products from Apple in this year, and it was officially announced by Steven Jobs who is the CEO of Apple.

iPad keynote, you might be able to find it out from youtube>

In recent years, a number of people start using Netbook instead of Laptop.

As you may know, Netbook is a really small computer which also consume less battery.

However, Steve Job mentioned the iPad which will replace with the functionality of NetBook in the future.

Hm.. who knows? but we can probably see how Apple customers are going to respond his suggestion.

As you can see the above picture, the iPad uses the same OS(Operating System) as iPhone and iPod.

The definition of iPad is a Tablet PC which enable users to control all the functionalities with hand-touch.

iPad especially emphasized the usage of E-book feature.

Not only E-book feature but also it has the other features being used by iMAC PC such as

iTune, youtube, iPod, GPS, and etc.

This product is devided into two models.

One is only applicable to wifi-connection, and the other one is able to have wifi and 3G internet connection.

<wifi only>

<wifi + 3G>

This post is a quick review for the new technology so it might not be so detail.

Additionally, I do not want to advertise a specific product so I hope you folks just look around my post and get new

information which might broaden your tech common-sense as well as mine.

I am already excited to search for a new mobile technology article now, and wish me good luck to create another

interesting post next time.

Thanks for reading! and Cheers!